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'Paul McClure And The Local Heroes'

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2017 saw the start of a new project with the release of the first of a series of 5 song EPs. Borne of a desire to record and release many of the songs that for one reason or another didn't make it onto the last 4 full albums: "...usually due to conceptual differences with the other songs, I like an album to "make sense", to me at least, but sometimes through logistic problem of getting the right people together or just running out of time..!"
'Paul McClure And The Local Heroes' marks the first official release where Paul and 4 members of his band, his creative collective 'The Local Heroes' (there's 13 in total) went into the studio to record a session of songs as a band, playing together with all of the songs played in whole live takes with nothing more that a few vocal tracks added after.